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Group therapy has many benefits, one of which is receiving support from others dealing with similar issues. Groups are structured to provide a safe environment where you feel respected and valued, where you can safely express yourself, and where you realize that you are not alone. It is my hope that being here will bring you all the benefits that group has to offer.

“Stepping onto a brand new path is difficult but not more difficult than remaining

in a situation that is not nurturing...”

-Maya Angelou

ARY offers the following group services below:

Women Empowered Recovery Group

For women whose experience with domestic violence/Intimate partner violence is in the past.

Group meets once per week for 12 to 14 weeks depending on the curriculum.

GEMS (Girls EMpowered to Succeed)

A series of groups for girls ages 12-17 that focus on building self esteem, positive body image,

assertive and effective communication skills and minimizing relational aggression. Groups are

age appropriate and provide opportunities for girls to interact with each other in a positive

environment, to enhance the skills needed to navigate daily living.

“Intro to SelfEsteem” group

SelfEsteem” group for adolescent girls that introduces the concept of self esteem.

Targets: Girls 7th- 12th grades.

“Beyond the Mirror”

Mirror” is a group that discusses and promotes positive body image and builds

upon the “Intro to Self Esteem” group. Targets: Girls grades 7th-12th.

“Sister’s Keeper”

is an intensive group that teaches girls how to manage conflict and anger and

to express negative feelings appropriately. Target: girls 7th-12th grades.

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